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Delivering high-quality,multidisciplinaryresearch
Protectingpatient confidentialitythrough a secureenvironment
Translating discoveriesinto clinical practiceand patient benefit
Collaborating Health Informatics Research throughout the UK

About the Farr Institute

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The Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research comprises four nodes distributed across the UK and led from the University College London (Farr Institute @ London), University of Manchester (Farr Institute @ HeRC N8), Swansea University (Farr Institute @ CIPHER), and the University of Dundee (Farr Institute @ Scotland). With a £17.5m-research award from a 10-funder consortium, plus additional £20m-capital funds from the Medical Research Council, the Farr Institute aims to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge research linking electronic health data with other forms of research and routinely collected data, as well as build capacity in health informatics research. The Farr Institute aims to provide the physical and electronic infrastructure to facilitate collaboration across the four nodes, support their safe use of patient and research data for medical research, and enable partnerships by providing a physical structure to co-locate NHS organizations, industry, and other UK academic centres.

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