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Professor Iain Buchan

Iain Buchan is Clinical Professor in Public Health Informatics at the University of Manchester, where he founded and leads the Centre for Health Informatics.

He pioneered the development of “e-Labs” for large-scale collaborative research in health science and directs the MRC Health eResearch Centre ( of the UK’s Farr Institute for Health Informatics Research. Internationally, he is part of a core group of academics, industry leaders and regulators promoting transnational trustworthy reuse of health data”. He holds qualifications in clinical medicine, pharmacology, public health and computational statistics, and his work centres on understanding and improving population health and care in data-intensive ways. Iain has written widely used statistical software ( and brings software engineers to work alongside health scientists in research. He has driven multiple successful collaborations between industry, the NHS and universities, and spun out a NHS-based services arm (Northwest eHealth, from his research group.

Professor Harry Hemingway

Professor Harry Hemingway

Harry Hemingway is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at University College London and Director of the Farr Institute in London.

His research focuses on cardiovascular disease in populations. Broadly, the aim is to generate new research evidence at multiple stages in translational pathways for improving our understanding of why cardiovascular diseases occur, and then progress, in ways which can have an impact on clinical practice, healthcare and public health policy. A key element of his approach is to exploit new opportunities for large scale research arising from linking electronic health records, including research on cardiovascular disease in populations. The ‘world leading potential’ of the UK in research using electronic health records is based on the availability of rich, longitudinal patient records in primary care and hospital data from disease and procedure registries, as well as hospital episode statistics and mortality. Harry’s group was the first to link these four sources together in the CALIBER programme. The group have curated a data portal with metadata to establish replicable cohorts with several million person years of follow-up to address questions that are likely only to be addressed with such record linkages.

Professor Ronan Lyons

Ronan Lyons is Professor of Public Health, Swansea University and Honorary Consultant in Public Health with Public Health Wales.

His research interests lie in the use of informatics to shorten the translation gap between knowledge discovery and widespread adoption of effective interventions to maximise population impact. He is Director of the CIPHER component of the Farr Institute. Ronan’s research interests relate to the application of informatics to study the epidemiological and interventional basis for the control of injuries, improving child health and the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions. He is particularly interested in the evaluation of the impact of non-healthcare interventions on health and wellbeing. He is also Deputy Director of the DECIPHer Public Health Research Centre of Excellence and is an Adjunct Professor at Monash University, Australia. Together with his colleague, David Ford, he created the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) Databank for Wales, which has supported more than 100 research projects and is increasingly being used by the NHS and other bodies for service planning and policy development.

Professor Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris is Professor of Medicine, Director of the Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics and Vice Principal of Data Science at the University of Edinburgh, having taken up position in August 2014.

Prior to this Andrew was Dean of Medicine at the University of Dundee. He is also Chief Scientist at the Scottish Government Health Directorate which supports and promotes high quality research aimed at improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of services offered by NHS Scotland and securing lasting improvements to the health of the people of Scotland. His research interests span informatics and chronic diseases. He is Director of the Farr Institute in Scotland and Convenor of the UK-wide Farr Institute Network, representing a £39M investment in health informatics research. Andrew’s research interests relate to the application of informatics to study the epidemiological and molecular aetiological basis of diabetes and its complications. He has published over 290 original papers, attracted over £50million in grant funding and was the principal investigator of the Wellcome Trust United Kingdom Case Control Collection for Type 2 Diabetes that has recruited 20,000 individuals and Generation Scotland, a study of the genetic health in 50,000 Scots.

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