The Top 5 HCG Drops: Best Sublingual Diet Drops for Weight Loss

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If you’re considering using HCG drops to lose weight, you could shed up to two pounds a day, without working out.

The diet drops promise to burn stored fat by boosting your metabolism. To lose weight successfully, you need to stick to low-calorie nourishment. Yet, this won’t compromise your energy levels.

There are two versions of HCG drops (prescription and homeopathic), and you need to be sure which one is going to best work for you. Also, considering there are countless products in the market, you should buy from trusted sources.

Our Top Picks for the Best Diet Drops

Let’s take a peek at the top drops on the market today.

1. Complex Diet Drops

Formerly known as HCG Complex, Complex Diet Drops is a product of BioSource Labs, a U.S.-based company. The HCG solution helps you lose weight by fuelling your internal hormone production. You could shed a pound every day, without compromising your lean muscle.

With more than 25 natural extracts and amino acids, this HCG diet could yield a near 100% success rate. Ensure you’re observing a restrictive nutrition plan, though, ranging from 500 to 1,200 calories per day.

Complex Diet Drops

Complex Diet Drops stimulates your body to produce the HCG hormone naturally. This, in turn, signals the hypothalamus to burn your fats. When circulated to the bloodstream, the fats undergo oxidation, discharging the energy you need to get going.

That’s despite the low-calorie diet you might be feeding on.

You’re less likely to lose muscle, too. The hypothalamus targets calories from your fats; not your muscles. Which explains why you’re unlikely to feel hungry, as you seek to lose weight.

In line with your body volume, you can consume Complex Diet Drops in 43 or 63 days.


  • HCG diet boasts natural ingredients
  • Includes free shipping
  • Helps suppress your appetite
  • Preserves lean muscle mass
  • You receive bulk discounts
  • HCG diet promotes energy levels
  • It’s hormone-free
  • A 30-day return window
  • You don’t need to exercise


  • Comprises a strict nutrition plan
  • Product’s weight-loss claims aren’t science-backed
  • Features a proprietary blend

2. Official HCG Diet Drops

Manufactured by NATO Supplements Inc., the HCG solution features a homeopathic blend with magnesium phosphate, natrum phosphate, and Vitamin B12.

You can choose from the product’s four packages, ranging from 15 to 90 days. With each bundle, you get weight-loss tips, easy-to-follow recipes, and eBooks.

Official HCG Diet Drops claims to work by boosting your metabolism, speeding up weight loss. The accelerated metabolism helps burn stored fats while calming your appetite. Yet, you stay energized throughout.

Official HCG Diet Drops

To lose weight successfully, you should stick to a 500-calorie intake per day. Your consumed calories stay untouched during this time.

NATO Supplements Inc. refunds your cash, plus an extra $10, if this HCG diet doesn’t produce results in seven days.


  • Offers complimentary, same-day shipping
  • You shed more pounds daily
  • Receive $10 with the refund
  • HCG diet conserves lean muscle
  • You’re not required to exercise
  • Guaranteed 90-day refund
  • Product boasts several positive reviews
  • HCG diet includes nutrition support


  • Insufficient info on product’s operation
  • Not many third-part reviews

3. HCG Warrior

HCG Warriors, a top Canadian diet-drops supplier, makes this homeopathic HCG solution that could help you lose weight.

This supplement with glandular, water, and amino acids is a good fit if you’re struggling with weight loss, irrespective of your gender. It targets stubborn fats in the thighs, upper arm, hips, belly, etc.

Consequently, you could shed up to 29 pounds in 27 days, according to the manufacturer. Yet, you don’t have to exercise.

You lose weight when the HCG Warrior triggers the hypothalamus, helping regulate your appetite and metabolism. This helps convert stored fats into energy while suppressing your hunger pangs.

For effective weight loss, though, you should strictly observe the HCG diet plan. Nutrition involves a low-calorie intake. While won’t keep you energized, the fats will.

You’re unlikely to experience muscle breakdown, too, as the HCG drops target the stored fats; not the muscles – even if you’re on low-calorie nourishment.

Eventually, when you resume regular diet, your body will keep on taking down the fat reserves. It’s just that the hypothalamus reprograms your metabolic rate to an elevated level.

Based on your weight-related goals, you can opt for a 27- or 40-day diet program with HCG Warrior. Either way, you get customer support and an authorized HCG diet guide with your purchase.


  • Attacks abnormal fat
  • Aims to shed more pounds daily
  • Includes HCG diet guidebook
  • Preserves muscle mass
  • Preserves muscle mass
  • Guaranteed 30-day refund


  • Few reviews from third parties
  • You must take potassium pills
  • Need for Vitamin B12 pills

4. Nu Image Medical

A Florida-based licensed pharmacy, Nu Image Medical, produces this HCG diet that contains amino acids as a constituent. The drops target the fat in your reserves, helping you lose weight faster.

With medical backing, the manufacturer offers telemedical services, and you need approval from their certified doctors before using the HCG drops. You can connect to them via phone calls, emails, videos, etc., for consultation and HCG administration,  

The process, in fact, entails filling an online form, undergoing medical evaluation, and choosing between a 26- or 46-day plan.

The hormone prompts the hypothalamus to boost the rate of metabolism in your body, while lowering your desire for food. This helps burn away fat, lower your desire for food, and keep you energized as tackle weight loss.

You should adhere to the recommended HCG diet protocol, which is included with the product, for an effective weight loss regimen. This HCG diet also features Vitamin B12 to speed up the whole process.


  • Boosts libido
  • Maintains lean muscle
  • Features real hormone
  • No need to work out
  • Includes recipes, tips, and guidelines
  • Offers teleconsultation
  • Pharmacy is licensed
  • Provides unlimited medical support
  • Product tackles stubborn fat
  • Supports secure weight loss


  • Costly
  • Company offers no refund policy

What Are HCG Drops?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG, is a hormone that occurs naturally in the first trimester of pregnant women. It can also be found in patients with placental, ovarian, and testicular cancer.

During pregnancy, HCG helps generate estrogen and progesterone hormones, which aid in the baby’s development.

When used for weight loss, however, the hormone functions differently. It helps suppress hunger pangs and stimulate fat loss by boosting your metabolism.

There are various forms of HCG, including injections, pellets, and droplets. These feature different hormone amounts. 

Oral drops are sublingual formulated solutions that come in two forms: prescription and homeopathic. The former is FDA-regulated and often contains the right HCG amount, helping you lose weight successfully. The latter isn’t regulated and, often, doesn’t list the ingredients used in its production, including the amount of HCG.

The common form for administering HCG is via injections. The shot might include Vitamin B12 and non-pure HCG. Injections are often used to dispense the hormone to patients with fertility issues, or other complications.

Pellets or pills are another version you could use to consume this drug. The prescribed pellets could offer you a decent HCG amount, making for an effective weight loss option. Meanwhile, the homeopathic versions aren’t endorsed by the Food and Drugs Administration, FDA.

How to Use HCG Drops

The recommended way to consume the supplements is by placing them under your tongue for a couple of seconds, to allow absorption, before swallowing it. Take a peek at how you should dispense the top products on our list.

Complex Diet Drops

  • Put ten droplets under your tongue, thrice a day. Alternatively, use 15 droplets twice a day.
  • Allow a 60-second absorption phase, before swallowing it.
  • Don’t ingest a thing 30 minutes before (and after) using the natural diet.
  • Consistent use yields optimal results.

Official HCG Diet Drops

  • Place 10 droplets beneath your tongue, three times per day.
  • Allow for these to sit for 30 seconds before swallowing.
  • Don’t consume anything 15 seconds before (and after) taking the HCG drops.

Nu Image Medical

  • Put four to eight HCG drops below your tongue, thrice every day.
  • Don’t swallow it before the 10- to 15-second absorption stage.
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything 15 minutes before (and 30 minutes after) consuming the HCG diet.

HCG Warrior

  • Use10 to 15 HCG drops thrice every day.
  • Rest these under your tongue for up to two minutes.
  • Take potassium and Vitamin B12 pills alongside this product.

What Are the Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss?

We believe the best natural diets for weight loss are those containing the actual hormone. These natural diets have reduced side effects, too, so you can lose weight hassle-free. To find out if a bottle of the product is FDA-approved, ensure it features HCG as one of the listed constituents.

Today, the market is flooded with homeopathic HCG drops, though. These promise to function well with the HCG diet, even though they contain the non-pure product.

Therefore, when opting for these versions (homeopathic), ensure they’re from trusted manufacturers. That way, you’re likely to grab an HCG diet with the right amount of insulin, for a successful weight loss routine. To help gauge a brand’s credibility, you can read reviews from verified buyers.

Where to Get HCG Drops

With many HCG solutions available online, you could easily buy a counterfeit. Which is why most reputable manufacturers sell their diet drops on their respective websites.

Revisiting our top four products above, each one of the HCG drops is available on the corresponding manufacturer’s website.

Note, HCG drops from unknown sources (or manufacturers) could cause unexpected side effects. The products are often unregulated, and most of the constituents, whether useful or harmful, aren’t listed on the package.

In such cases, it’s tricky to determine the credibility of the products without relying on user reviews, some of which may be unverified.

Can You Buy HCG Drops over the Counter?

You can purchase homeopathic HCG drops over the counter. These aren’t regulated and you don’t need a medic’s approved to use them. Note, however, the products may contain unlisted ingredients – and diluted HCG hormone.

Which is why you should ensure that over-the-counter drops are manufactured by a trusted manufacturer. Beware: Not every homeopathic HCG diet is going to work, even if it claims to help you lose weight fast.

Most diet drops with the real HCG hormone are sold on the manufacturers’ sites. You might need a doctor’s approval before using some of these drops, such as Nu Image Medical.

Lose Weight like a Pro

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a pain. HCG drops, unlike injections or pellets, could help you shed pounds in a shorter period, especially if you’re struggling losing weight the traditional way. These products have no scientific backing, though.

The diet drops promise to improve metabolism, helping burn fats and reduce food cravings. This doesn’t compromise your energy points, either.

Note that you should take this HCG diet consistently – and consume no more than 500 calories per day – for a successful weight loss program.

Equally noteworthy, real HCG drops are likely to offer effective results that the homeopathic ones. You might experience minimal side effects with the former, too.

As always, whenever in doubt about weight loss products, consult a certified professional.

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