Health Data Visualisation

Published on: 28th June 2017

15 - 19 January 2018


Swansea University

About the Course
Health data scientists making use of computational and storage resources will eventually be called to present their findings to an audience. The objective of this module is to enable students to choose and produce appropriate static and dynamic visualisations of health data using a range of media.

Learning outcomes
Examine the key elements of the human visual system and how it affects scene comprehension.

Identify the basic typographic and graphic elements available to a designer to structure an efficient static or dynamic presentation.

Critically evaluate and select graphical elements that are best suited for a presentation requirement based on content and medium (e.g. journal publication, poster, online and other media).

Critically evaluate existing data visualisations.

Design a series of visualisations, which incorporate static, dynamic and interactive elements.

Relate the role of health data science in conducting epidemiological research.
Write a brief research proposal and design a visualization that conveys efficiently its key points.

Who should attend
This is a technical course designed for beginners or individuals who may have had some involvement with databases through typical roles in a data analysis environment and are seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of manipulating healthcare related data through relational databases.

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