Lecture: Meta-research and the new pound coin. Prof Julian Little

Published on: 22nd September 2017

28 September 2017


4th Floor Lecture Theatre
Medical Education Centre
Western General Hospital

Speaker: Prof Julian Little, Professor, Canada Research Chair in Human Genome Epidemiology, University of Ottawa

The University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Imperial College London will be hosting the following FREE 1 hour lecture at the 4th Floor Lecture Theatre, Medical Education Centre, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

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The new pound coin is designed to be impossible to fake, and has many facets. In meta-research, we aspire to maximize the credibility of the conclusions drawn (not to fake!). There has been a proliferation of different types (facets) of research synthesis, in part to address needs of decision-makers for timely syntheses of evidence on specific issues, in part to address resource constraints, and in part to address a broader range of types of evidence. Experience and issues in the operationalization of field synopses of genetic variation and chronic disease, rapid review, and updating of systematic reviews will be discussed. Challenges with the application of research synthesis methods to identification of patient-and family- oriented outcomes for chronic paediatric diseases with features relevant to rare diseases, and evidence and values in recommendations to disinvest from, or de-intensify, population-based screening will also be covered.

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