Lecture: Systematic Reviews of Prognostic Model Studies. Prof Carl Moons

Published on: 22nd September 2017

29 September 2017


4th Floor Lecture Theatre
Medical Education Centre
Western General Hospital

Speaker: Prof Carl Moons, Director of Research, Julius Centre,UMC Utrecht

The University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Imperial College London will be hosting the following FREE 1 hour lecture at the 4th Floor Lecture Theatre, Medical Education Centre, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

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Prediction Models are developed and validated for predicting current or future occurrence of a particular outcome. Publications on prediction models are abundant.

Hence, systematic reviews of these studies are increasingly required and conducted, to identify and critically appraise and synthesize the existing evidence. Recently, guidance has been developed for systematic reviews of studies developing and/or validating prediction models, that can assist reviewers to define the review objectives, to design the review and the data extraction list, to facilitate appraisal of the primary studies, and to meta-analyse the retrieved data. The seminar will offer an overview of this guidance, from framing the review question to reporting of the review results.

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