Lecture: What is meta-research and what can it achieve? Prof John PA Ioannidis

Published on: 22nd September 2017

27 September 2017


4th Floor Lecture Theatre
Medical Education Centre
Western General Hospital

Speaker: Prof John PA Ioannidis, Stanford University

(Please note this will be a pre-recorded seminar, with a live Skype Q&A session with Prof John PA Ioannidis)

The University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Imperial College London will be hosting the following FREE 1 hour lecture at the 4th Floor Lecture Theatre, Medical Education Centre, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

To register a FREE place, please contact

Meta-research is the scientific study of research and of research practices. It builds on the long-standing experience of evidence-based synthesis and meta-analysis methods, but over the last decade it has extended its methods and goals to cover both specific and wide assessments of the way research is designed, performed, reported, evaluated, disseminated, and rewarded. Multiple initiatives have been launched that cover diverse aspects of this agenda across a wide spectrum of scientific fields.


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