Prof Brendan Delaney Lecture: The FP7 TRANSFoRm Project

Published on: 7th August 2017

08 September 2017


Nine Edinburgh Bioquarter
Craigmillar Room, 2nd Floor
9 Little France Drive
Eh16 4UX

Professor Brendan Delaney is the Chair in Medical Informatics and Decision Making, and Director of the Centre for Patient Safety and Service Quality at the Imperial College London.

A Farr Institute Primary Care Lead, he specialises in the Learning Health System, using informatics tools to link both knowledge generation and knowledge utilization to routine healthcare IT systems.

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The FP7 TRANSFoRm project ran from 2010-2016 and set out to develop three components of a Learning Health System: distributed searches of genotype-phenotype secure environments, eSource for clinical trials, and a prototype learning system to support diagnosis in primary care.

This large multidisciplinary programme set out to create standard mechanisms to bridge the gap between existing data standards (primarily CDISC ODM), terminologies and electronic health records (EHRs). Existing classifications and poly hierarchical terminological systems do not sufficiently define clinical concepts for these to be managed consistently across the variety of heterogeneous EHR systems that the project needed to work with.

The project adopted four core ontologies to manage clinical concepts, the research domain, the diagnostic process and provenance. Using ontologyterminology bindings we were were able to demonstrate distributed searches, conduct an n=600 real-world RCT of treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease in 4 countries and evaluate a prototype decision support system for diagnosis in primary care using actors as standardised patients. Development of the LHS requires maximal re-use of existing EHR systems, whilst enhancing the preservation of phenotype throughout the LHS cycle.

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