SQL Database Management Software

Published on: 12th January 2017

28 June 2017


The Farr Institute
University College of London
222 Euston Road

Organised by University of Southampton/ADRC-E

Course number: ADRCE-training035 Denaxas

Course places are limited and registration by 20th June 2017 is strongly recommended.

Database systems are increasingly being used for working with medical data and enable the rapid querying of complex data in health and social care. This short course will introduce the theory behind the relational data model and enable participants to gain an understanding on how data can be modelled and stored in a relational database system and what different data types are used.

Course suitable for Epidemiologists, medical statisticians and other researchers working with electronic health records data.

Some experience of working in a statistical package. Participants will have to sign confidentiality and data use agreements at the start of the course.

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