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BMJ editorial on patient data by Farr London researcher

Published on: 6th October 2017

Published in 2017

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Amitava Banerjee, senior clinical lecturer
David Mathew, patient and public panel member
Katherine Rouane, patient


The BMJ has just published an editorial authored by IHI Senior Lecturer Dr Amitava Banerjee and colleagues on using patient data for patients’ benefit.

The #datasaveslives campaign underlines the importance of health informatics research to public health. There are many examples of “data driven” healthcare across the UK and elsewhere, such as increased use of machine learning in early diagnosis of tumours and automated risk prediction tools for cardiovascular disease built into electronic health records (EHR). Innovations are often labelled as “personalised” and “patient centred,” but since all health data are personal and about patients, what does the terminology actually mean, and do these innovations benefit patients?

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