Cycling Data Challenge

Published on: 6th September 2017

The Urban Big Data Centre in Glasgow is giving data enthusiasts, academics and members of the public the chance to use  Strava Metro data to develop innovative solutions to answer the question, how do we get more people cycling?

The benefits of cycling as a mode of transport are well documented – including saving money, improving health and a cleaner environment for all.

Download the data, develop your ideas and pitch your innovations to an expert judging panel to win this exciting new cycling Data Challenge and take home the £1,000 voucher prize.

How the challenge works

The Urban Big Data Centre will provide you with the Strava Metro data and the rest is up to you! Your entry could take the form of a tool, an app, a visualisation, a linked dataset, or a new piece of software that you have created. They are looking for novel, innovative, interesting uses of Strava data that will encourage more people to cycle – either by direct use of your product or via a planning or policy tool that can be used by a public body or other organisation to encourage and support active travel.

The judging panel will be looking at:

  • The degree of novelty, current relevance and originality of the entry
  • The link between the data used and what has been produced
  • The technological innovation involved in the entry
  • The extent to which the entry responds to a real and current cycling issue
  • How creatively the data has been used
  • The potential impact of the entry: how will it get more people to cycle?

You may also want to link the Strava Metro data with other open datasets in your entry – look at the Open Data Portal for inspiration.

Following the first round of judging, selected finalists will be invited to pitch their entry to the judging panel and an audience of event attendees at a Demo Day – as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science – where the prizes will be awarded.

For more information and to apply, visit the Urban Big Data Centre website.

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