Data Management and Use Report Launched by Royal Society and British Academy

Published on: 5th July 2017

Kerina Jones, lead of The Farr Institute’s Innovative Governance Working Group, recently participated in a round table discussion, providing evidence for the Royal Society and British Academy to inform their joint review on the needs of a 21st century data governance system.

29 June 2017 marked the launch of the report Data management and use: Governance in the 21st century from the joint British Academy and Royal Society review. It brings together leading academics, industry leaders, civil society and data and technology specialists to better understand the needs of a 21st century data governance system.

The review makes two recommendations:

1. A set of high-level principles is needed to visibly shape all forms of data governance and ensure trustworthiness and trust in the management and use of data as a whole.

2. The creation of an independent body to steward the overall framework and embed the principles to ensure data is well used.

To find out more about the project and its findings, read the report.

Source: Royal Society

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