Future Leaders in Health Data Science Meet in Manchester

Published on: 24th March 2017

From 13 to 16 March 2017, the first cohort of The Farr Institute’s Future Leaders in Health Data Science programme gathered in Manchester for their first annual residential meeting.

The programme, launched in August 2016, is a two year residential and network based mentorship and development programme for mid-career, independent researchers. Its aim is to bring together researchers who have already demonstrated innovation in the field of health data science, providing them with the cross-discipline research skills, international networks and leadership qualities necessary to become future leaders in their field.

Over 60 applications were received and 24 successful candidates were chosen as the first two cohorts to launch the programme in 2017. The each cohort was carefully chosen to ensure a range of disciplines, expertise and research interests to foster new collaborations from complimentary skills.

At this first meeting of the first cohort, the researchers were able to get to know each other in an engaging, group environment designed to allow knowledge exchange and potential collaborations to flourish.

The week was led by The Farr Institute Capacity Building Work Group; Colin McCowan, Georgina Moulton, Catharine Goddard, Athanasios Anastasiou and Paul Taylor. The Farr Institute’s Directors Iain Buchan, Ronan Lyons, Andrew Morris and Harry Hemingway also participated. Members of the cohort had the opportunity for one-to-one discussions with the Directors as well as learning from their input in group discussions.

Ronan Lyons, Director of Farr Institute CIPHER advised attendees that enthusiasm and serendipity played an important part in becoming a successful leader, and that seizing opportunities as they arise can often be more effective than the best laid plans.

Iain Buchan, Director of Farr Institute HeRC, encouraged them to overlook the boundaries of traditional place-based institutions and to act as the conduit for truly scaled research at a regional, national and international level, delivering the accurate evidence base required to improve the health and care of populations.

The members of the first Farr Institute Future Leaders cohort are:

  • Dr Rob Aldridge, University College London
  • Dr Juliana Bowles, University of St. Andrews
  • Mr Andy Boyd, University of Bristol
  • Dr Vasa Curcin, King’s College London
  • Dr Aiden Doherty, University of Oxford
  • Dr Elizabeth Ford, Brighton & Sussex Medical School
  • Dr Michelle Greiver, University of Toronto
  • Dr Katie Harron, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Dr Alys Havard, Centre for Big Data Research in Health, University of New South Wales
  • Dr Vittal Katikireddi, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Sarah Rodgers, Swansea University
  • Dr Matt Sperrin, University of Manchester

For more information about the programme, contact Dr Wing-Chau Tung, Network Manager, 020 3549 5319,

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