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Published on: 9th August 2017

As it’s Book Lovers’ Day, we’ve asked some of our researchers about their published books – here is a small selection.

Drug Utilization Research: Methods and Applications

Prof Marion Bennie, Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Drug Utilization Research (DUR) is an eclectic scientific discipline, integrating descriptive and analytical methods for the quantification, understanding and evaluation of the processes of prescribing, dispensing and consumption of medicines and for the testing of interventions to enhance the quality of these processes. The discipline is closely related and linked mainly to the broader field of pharmacoepidemiology, but also to health outcomes research, pharmacovigilance and health economics.

Drug Utilization Research is a unique, practical guide to the assessment and evaluation of prescribing practices and to interventions to improve the use of medicines in populations. Edited by an international expert team from the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE), DUR is the only title to cover both the methodology and applications of drug utilization research and covers areas such as health policy, specific populations, therapeutics and adherence.

Key Advances in Clinical Informatics: Transforming Health Care through Health Information Technology

Prof Aziz Sheikh, University of Edinburgh

Key Advances in Clinical Informatics: Transforming Health Care through Health Information Technology provides a state-of-the-art overview of the most current subjects in clinical informatics. Leading international authorities write short, accessible, well-referenced chapters which bring readers up-to-date with key developments and likely future advances in the relevant subject areas.

This book encompasses topics such as inpatient and outpatient clinical information systems, clinical decision support systems, health information technology, genomics, mobile health, telehealth and cloud-based computing. Additionally, it discusses privacy, confidentiality and security required for health data.

Professor Damon Berridge, Swansea University

Professor Damon Berridge
Professor Damon Berridge with some of his books

During his career as a statistician, Professor Damon Berridge from Swansea University has made a significant and unique contribution as a national and international leader in applied research. Over this time, he has published a wide range of books and articles which have added value to current thinking and debate in their respective disciplines. In particular, he has advocated and promulgated statistical modelling as an efficient and effective approach to the analysis of large and complex datasets.

Prof Berridge has written a Chapman and Hall book entitled ‘Multivariate Generalized Linear Mixed Models Using R’ which espouses the statistical modelling paradigm and motivates the methodology through a range of examples. This pedagogical approach has proved very popular: the book has sold more than 800 copies worldwide, especially in North America, and has received highly favourable reviews. He has also written a book on the statistical modelling of data in health and social research.

In recognition of his role in the development of statistics and sociology, Prof. Berridge was asked by Sage to produce a four volume set of 80 readings that constituted the key, canonical articles in social statistics over the last 100 years. These were published in the spring of 2010. The success of this venture led Sage to commission another four volume series on the Statistical Analysis of Continuous Data.

Recommended Read: Information Is Beautiful

David McCandless

A visual guide to the way the world really works.

Every day, every hour, every minute we are bombarded by information – from television, from newspapers, from the internet, we’re steeped in it, maybe even lost in it. We need a new way to relate to it, to discover the beauty and the fun of information for information’s sake.
No dry facts, theories or statistics. Instead, Information is Beautiful contains visually stunning displays of information that blend the facts with their connections, their context and their relationships – making information meaningful, entertaining and beautiful.
This is information like you have never seen it before – keeping text to a minimum and using unique visuals that offer a blueprint of modern life – a map of beautiful colour illustrations that are tactile to hold and easy to flick through but intriguing and engaging enough to study for hours.

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