Results from Farr Institute Review Study Inform National Accidental Fires Awareness Campaign

Published on: 19th September 2017

A review study, carried out by Farr Institute researchers at both Swansea University and Cardiff University, looked to identify the risk factors associated with unintentional house fire incidents, injuries, and deaths. The risk factors identified in the review have formed an evidence base for a Public Health Wales awareness campaign.

The campaign “Accidental House Fires in Wales” has been targeted at: the Fire and Rescue Service, housing associations, public health bodies, local government, and any other individuals and organisations with a remit for fire safety. The campaign also featured findings from a study carried out by Bangor University.

In 2008 domestic fires in Wales cost an estimated £487.2 Million Pounds, which equates to £161 per person. The study provided recommendations and vital evidence that could help the fire services to focus on targeted interventions.

Click here to read more on the review study.

Enquiries to Sarah Toomey, Communications Officer, Farr Institute CIPHER, s.toomey@swansea.ac.uk

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