Research Collaborations

The Farr Institute welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with new partners across its portfolio of expertise. The Institute undertakes blue sky and applied research in health informatics, electronic health data and data science as well as epidemiological studies and clinical programmes and trials.

The Farr Institute can also undertake research on a contract basis for industry partners in areas where its combined knowledge and resources can add value and generate impact.

The Institute’s immersion in data makes the distance between observation and conclusion shorter and more immediate. This fundamentally changes our view of academic study; it allows experiments that were impossible to become practical and it allows radically new systems to be engineered. We shape these new forms of study and configure these systems to be practically applied to real industry challenges.

The Farr Institute currently manages a number of strategic relationships with global corporations and government departments. Strategic partnering facilitates the development of common goals and objectives over a longer period of time, frequently extending beyond one or two collaborative programmes. These relationships can be embedded within the Institute itself and may offer co-location, secondment or placement opportunities in addition to access to research.

If you are interested in exploring collaborative research opportunities please contact The Farr Institute, 0131 651 7862,

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