Public Engagement + Involvement

Why is Public Engagement and Involvement Important?

The general public are involved throughout all stages of The Farr Institute’s research and play a valuable role in advising the Institute on its research practices, disseminating research and activity outcomes and raising awareness of the benefits of data-linkage.

A commitment to public engagement makes sure that people have the opportunity to comment on our research while promoting a culture of engagement between the public, patients, clinicians and researchers to improve patient care and public health.

Public engagement leads to better research by ensuring that research reflects public interests and values and by ensuring accountability and transparency in research practices.

By finding out what people think about the Institute’s research and feeding back public views into decision-making and governance processes, The Farr Institute can ensure that its work continues to reflect the interests and values of members of the public.

Working with the General Public

The Farr Institute works to improve and create dialogue between researchers and the general public through:

  • Public panels to advise on, support and advocate the Institute’s work
  • A nationwide Public Engagement Working Group with regional points of contact
  • Involving patients, service users, carers and the general public in our research
  • Providing online resources to explain and showcase the benefits of data linkage research, including 100 Ways of Using Data to Make Lives Better
  • Hosting and participating in public focused workshops, seminars, meetings, events and online discussions
  • Social media, including the #datasaveslives campaign
  • Encouraging our partners to embed public engagement in their work from design through to dissemination and beyond
  • Public outreach activities that promote the field of health informatics research, and encourage and support the next generation of eHealth investigators, including schools engagement programmes.

Working with the Research Community

The Farr Institute also provides information and support to researchers wishing to carry out public engagement activities in their research. This includes:

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