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The Farr Institute Schools Engagement Session: ‘Why Statistics Matters’
28th August 2015

Public engagement and capacity building are essential components of The Farr Institute’s core vision. During this schools engagement session, local sixth form students were introduced to our research and the opportunities it provides to those with a background in statistics and mathematics.

Students from local schools Madras College, St Andrews and Bell Baxter High School, Cupar joined members of The Farr Institute to learn about the key roles that statistics and statisticians play within health informatics research. They were invited to explore the application of statistics within research through the exemplar of a clinical trial and will have the opportunity to quiz researchers about their careers.

Public Engagement and Multiple Sclerosis

MS Register Steering Group

The UK Multiple Sclerosis Register is one example of how we involve people in our research. The Register aims to address the lack of reliable evidence-based information on MS so that it can be used for further research and to inform policy and practice to help people with this condition.

It has an innovative data model, incorporating data from NHS Neurology clinics, routine datasets and directly from people with MS via a dedicated internet portal. This enables people with MS to complete Patient Reported Outcome Measures and provide additional information on their experiences of living with MS.

We have a programme of engagement that includes social media, regular newsletters, an email helpdesk, attendance and presentation at events. We also invite people with MS to provide feedback on new developments, such as changes to the internet portal. The Steering Group includes people with MS, to ensure they are properly represented in the over‑arching Governance of the Register.

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