Public Panels

Public Panels

The Farr Institute’s four regional public panels act as the public voice in The Farr Institute’s work. Members scrutinise and advise on governance systems, public engagement plans and research practices to ensure that data are not misused and are kept secure. This ensures that The Institute’s research is conducted appropriately and transparently and for the benefit of patients and the public.

The CIPHER Consumer Panel for Data Linkage Research

The CIPHER Consumer Panel for Data Linkage Research was established in 2011. It currently has 16 members with ongoing recruitment. Members are involved in all stages of the research cycle, from advising on bids through approval processes (via the independent Information Governance Review Panel) to dissemination.

The HeRC Patient & Public Involvement (H@PPI) Forum


A H@PPI Forum of 11 lay experts was established in summer 2014, recruited from the general public to drive the strategic direction of The Farr Institute’s HeRC Centre.

Attendees have met Centre Director Prof Iain Buchan along with management and a variety of research staff. They have participated in a number of hands-on activities designed to help the group get to know each other and find out more about the Institute’s work.

Members meet at least quarterly and their roles include reviewing grant proposals, identifying patient priorities for research and setting standards and monitoring the impact of patient and public involvement in various projects.

Patient and Public Working Group and Virtual Panel, London

Patient and Public Working Group and Virtual Panel, London

Established by The Farr Institute’s London Centre, this group supports the Institute in meeting its objectives and ensuring high-quality research in the public interest.

The group, which has a particular interest in healthcare records research, is actively involved in various projects and events at The Farr Institute using health records data to study the risk of diseases in wide-reaching clinical areas including dementia, shingles, epilepsy and heart disease.

The group also contributes to activities that focus on the development of research agendas in areas such as cancer and ear, nose and throat care.

The Public Panel, Scotland
The Farr Institute’s Scottish panel hosts 20 members from a range of backgrounds and locations, from Ayr to Aberdeen, from early-20s to mid-80s

The panel promotes public engagement and plays an important role in informing the Institute’s wider public engagement strategy.

Amongst the panel there is significant and varied experience of research (both as researchers and participants), of health services and of data-linkage. As individuals, members are committed to public participation and contributing to public life (for example as members of community councils and voluntary organisations). Members draw on diverse life and professional experiences and skills to reflect on the work of The Farr Institute and its implications on the public.

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