Child and Maternal Health

Child and maternal health research across The Farr Institute’s UK-wide network uses electronic health records to improve our understanding of the health of mothers and children and of the impact that policy and services have on their outcomes.

Areas of research include:

  • Determinants of adverse pregnancy outcome
  • Maternal determinants of adverse outcomes in childhood
  • Child mortality
  • Childhood infections
  • Chronic conditions, including mental health
  • Variation in healthcare use
  • Transitions from child to adult healthcare services
  • Growth
  • Vulnerable children and adolescents, including child maltreatment
  • Child health, education provision and school achievement

The Farr Institute uses a variety of methods to study these areas including:

  • Natural experiments (e.g. smoking legislation and pregnancy outcomes)
  • Creating whole-country pregnancy and birth cohorts using administrative health records
  • UK country and international comparisons (e.g. of child mortality)
  • Linking records (e.g. across sectors, between mother and child)
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