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Bluechew Free Trial and Samples: Bluechew Coupons and Promo Codes

You can use the coupon code IMPACT at checkout to get your first month of bluechew for free.
Maybe several years ago, someone said, “They should combine blue rock candy and Viagra!”
Good idea, because no one really wants to swallow a pill for erectile dysfunction. But chomping on blue candy is fun anyway, so why not give yourself a bonus besides the sugar rush? Why not eat your Viagra and get an erection too?
Hey, Bluechew is a great idea in concept. Not only because it makes the active ingredient in Viagra chewable but also the entire idea of getting ED medication without seeing a doctor in person, and getting it shipped to you on a subscription plan.
Bluechew certainly has the potential to change the sex lives of many men out there. The online approach creates a comfortable environment. But how does it rate in terms of cost, legality, and performance?
That’s what we addressed in our bluechew review, and in this post well share coupon codes and promo codes to get a free bluechew trial.

Using the Bluechew Coupon Code

To start, visit the Bluechew website and create an account.
After completing the medical assessment use the Bluechew coupon code IMPACT for a Bluechew free sample. Click the link and get started, either choosing a free trial of the Active plan, or a substantial discount for a pricier plan.
If the code IMPACT doesn’t work check for the lastest bluechew coupons to see if there have been any new ones released.
Before you receive your free sample Bluechew you must first fill out the provided form so that the affiliated doctor can review it and approve the prescription, as required by law. You can’t even buy it from Amazon or the like because they don’t have a way to verify the doctor’s prescription.

Using the Free Bluechew Trial

I work as a Registered Dietician and Herbal Store manager. So while I am partial to male health supplements and recommend them for a variety of purposes, I simply cannot recommend anything else above Sildenafil.
It’s the most effective medication to give you the experience you desire quickly. In my case, within thirty minutes I was harder and more excited than I’ve been in a long time.
Without getting into specifics on why I have occasional problems with ED, I can say that there is no comparison between feeling the effects of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase) inhibitors versus taking more L-arginine, or Horny Goat Weed, or Maca Root, or Palmetto.
If you’ll excuse my crass language, It’s like comparing prune juice to a damned laxative. Yes, prune juice works eventually but a laxative sends you straight to the bathroom, right?

Bluechew Free Sample – Extreme Effects!

Well, Bluechew sent me straight to the bedroom. It’s the kind of potent medication that renders you useless in the world until you have sex and move onto something else. And yeah, in my case, I could feel that energy for four hours and it was difficult to get any office work done. (My girlfriend had no complaints).
I felt the medication worked far better than regular Viagra because it was chewable and the formula seemed to get into my bloodstream faster than swallowing regular Viagra.
Frankly, I was relieved that the Viagra-effect wore off within four hours because I was kind of paranoid about getting a priapism. But obviously, there was no problem there. Personally, I would probably go for Bluechew/Sildenafil over Cialis/Tadalafil because the 1-2 day “sex fever” is a little intimidating to me.
I did not experience any side effects but be aware that some users do report minor effects like headache, nausea, rapid heartbeat.

Other Bluechew Free Trial Experiences

As you can see, Bluechew customers are thrilled with the effects, and the vast majority report no major side effects. Compared to herbal supplements (which have highly divided results among customers) this stuff really works.

Bluechew Free Trial Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about the Bluechewables experience, I answered a few FAQs.


How long do effects last?

With Viagra Bluechew, you have about 4-5 hours on average. Cialis or Tadalafil Bluechew, the effects can be well over a day. During this time, you will not be hard constantly but will get much easier erections, and be more susceptible to sexual arousal.

How often can you take Bluechew’s free trial?

If you are in good health, you can take up to 30 tablets in a month, but with a doctor’s approval of course. However, it is highly advised that you not take over one 30mg dose per day, especially not on your first order.
Since this is a potent medication that affects blood flow, not to mention a drug that’s potentially mentally addictive in the wrong hands, it’s always best to start conservative and see how much you personally need.

Should you take Bluechew’s free trial or avoid it if you’re under 35?

If you are in good health, with no known interactions, you can take Bluechew at any age. However, a doctor will strongly advise you not to take the drug recreationally. Sildenafil does not give you amazing staying power or a larger penis.
It simply relaxes blood vessels so you can become easily erect, often, without the long refractory period that some older men (or men in poor health) suffer from. Even in cases of total impotence, some men have found that Sildenafil works.

Is the Bluechew free trial available in all states?

Bluechew is not available in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Idaho
  • North Dakota
  • South Carolina

Bluechew Free Trial Alternatives

For Him – Telehealth Store and Online Pharmacy
Roman ED – A Digital Clinic for Men

What is Bluechew’s Formula?

Bluechew uses the same “active ingredient” as Viagra and Cialis. Although the proprietary formula might be slightly different than the brand name, this “generic ED drug” is essentially the same medication as sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis).
The original patent on Viagra ran out, allowing more companies to use the active ingredient which treats erectile dysfunction. The main difference between brand name products and Bluechew is that you can chew the latter which may bode well for consumers who don’t respond well to swallowing the blue tablets.

How Does Sildenafil Work?

Sildenafil and Tadalafil are both PDE5 (phosphodiesterase) inhibitors. PDE5 refers to enzymes found in the smooth muscles of the penis that cause blood vessels to constrict. The inhibiting action causes vasodilation, which forces blood vessels to relax, creating a firmer erection.
The ED medicine does not increase desire or “cure” erectile dysfunction, but it addresses the condition that many men have, because of blocked arteries resulting from poor health, or other conditions.
Men take sildenafil about 30-60 minutes before sexual activity begins. However, the blood flow boost continues for another five hours. Tadalafil’s effects continue longer, over 24 hours in some cases.

Because of the high potency of generic Viagra drugs, you should not take chewable tablets more than once a day. In addition, talking to a doctor is advisable, in order to eliminate possible interactions or diseases.
Doctors usually increase the dosage gradually, rather than giving too high of a dose too soon. Based on your individual reaction to Sildenafil, they could adjust the dosage.

What’s it Like Taking Bluechew?

After using a Bluechew Promo Code, they ship you ED drugs according to your chosen monthly plan:

  • Active, $20 for 6 @ 30mg or 45mg
  • Busy, $30 for 10 30mg or 45mg
  • Popular, $50 for 17 30mg or 45mg
  • Pro, $90 for 34 30mg or 45mg

The subscription-based system still requires that you consult with a doctor, in order to rule out any life-threatening interactions. But there’s no requirement that the consultation has to be in person.
When you sign up for a Bluechew free trial, you can connect to doctors who know the drug, are comfortable prescribing it, and understand how important sexual health is to the average man.
The subscription-based system allows you to pick up Bluechew meds at your front door, and even at certain times of the week, according to the pre-defined schedules available. The scheduling option, in particular, is helpful for a man who may want to be discreet about the medication he’s taking just before sex.

Is the Bluechew Free Trial Safe?

Bluechew is safe because Sildenafil is an FDA-approved drug, with minimal or rare side effects. In fact, doctors say any man capable of having mildly intense sexual intercourse could handle taking Bluechew without affecting his heart.
The FDA does not specifically approve of Bluechew chewables. However, the approval of Sildenafil is implied because the same active ingredient is used.
The only way the FDA would get involved is if Bluechew makers started using another active ingredient instead of the pre-approved one – which of course will never happen because everyone knows the FDA is a roaring sea monster when it comes to enforcing little details like that.

Making Payment, Subscriptions, Refunds

Bluechew accepts credit card payments but does not accept other mainstream forms of payments, such as gift cards, Paypal, or other online options. However, they offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase.
You can cancel by phone (970-GET-BLUE), by email (support@bluechew.com), or by simply removing your card from the dashboard on your member account screen.

You have nothing to lose in trying a Bluechew free trial, whether from a coupon code promotion or by simply ordering from the company and deciding to cancel the subscription within 30 days for a refund. The product is easy to cancel, regardless of coupon codes.
Few, however, are disappointed. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and have tried supplements only to get disappointing results, it’s time to experience the most potent medication available. Bluechew is scientifically and medically manufactured to work.
They are easy to chew and hold down, rarely cause any uncomfortable side effects, and will give your sex life a boost. Feel young and sexually virile again with the proven formula of Sildenafil or Tadalafil.

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