Together We Can Go Farr

by in Blog 2020-06-24

The Farr Institute in Des Moines is a unique partnership between six universities. It is committed to bettering the health of the country’s population and helping maintain its status as an international pioneer in health informatics. At Farr, we match analysts with researchers from a wide variety of fields and specialties. Together, they can work […]

Child and Maternal Health Research 

by in Blog 2020-06-06

In the UK research into child and maternal health was carried out by using data obtained from electronic health records. This research was conducted using nationwide access to health records to improve understanding of the issues affecting the health of mothers and children. Relevant Areas of Research Areas serched include: * Factors that influence adverse […]

Importance of Health Research

by in Blog 2020-05-30

Health research is referred to as the various types of scientific investigations whose main goal is to test sample ideas, answer the questions, improve the treatment options, and increase human health knowledge. Importance of Health Research Health research is quite crucial, and it provides plenty of benefits. The reason is that information changes over time; […]

How Data Can Save Lives

by in Blog 2020-05-30

Technology keeps getting better with the topnotch discoveries and inventions. The health sector is one field that has and is still benefiting immensely from these innovations. Hence, these latest developments, such as 3D printing, robots, apps, and sensors, should contribute to an enhanced, transparent, and cost-effective health sector. Importantly, all such innovations generate numerous essential […]

Informatics, Statistics and Data Science

by in Blog 2020-05-28

At this institute, there is a heavy emphasis on informatics, statistics, and data science. This will allow there to be a solid basis for looking at healthcare information and researching new techniques. Data analysis requires that many different professionals across several fields collaborate. This institute uses cross-disciplinary information between the statisticians and other groups that […]