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Nu Image Medical Review

Robert Bergen
Medically reviewed by Kimberly Langdon M.D.| 0 Comments

Telehealth companies like Nu Image Medical provide a convenient way to see a medical professional for issues like sexual and hormonal health and losing weight.

Nu Image is a purveyor of quick medical access: visit online, meet doctors and get a prescription. The company sells comprehensive services spanning diet plans to hormone replacement pills.

You could be a patient again, but from your living room. We share how Nu Image works and what they have to offer.

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What Is Nu Image Medical?

On the official product website, the company describes itself as being a leader in “regenerative medicine”, indicating a curiosity around cell renewal and tissue engineering.

The focus behind Nu Image product is aging well, based on the services the company offers, from weight loss to hair loss treatments and sexual health, to name a few.


Nu Image aims to provide top-of-the-line medical assistance, via the providers, both in their on-the-ground establishments and more specifically, online. You’ll have access to tailor-made health programs including supplement options and a food delivery service.


Do keep in mind that while Nu Image, in the past, offered a popular hCG weight loss program, it’s no longer on the menu for regulatory reasons.

Nu Image Medical Benefits


There’s more to Nu Image Medical than the convenience of being a patient online with a certified doctor in tow.

Comprehensive Wellness Services


Whether you need help with body weight, hormonal health, sexual health or hair loss, Nu Image Medical provides a comprehensive program made to help you meet your goals.


Once you’ve participated in an online consultation with a certified medical professional, your plan and products are delivered. Then the company’s customer service staff is available for support, five days a week. 


Certified Medical Team


Nu Image Medical liaises with a group of licensed physicians and wellness specialists to meet your needs. They work in a discreet setting with strict privacy policies to ensure your medical history, appointments and prescriptions are kept confidential.


When you sign up, your prescribing physician goes through a thorough intake process as part of their medical evaluations to help them determine what’s appropriate for your case.


You can also communicate with your chosen physician via the patient portal at any time. This cuts out the need to schedule another in-person appointment in a crowded waiting room.


FDA-Approved Products


Many diet and supplement companies offer promising services and products that aren’t FDA-approved.


The danger in this is that you have no way of accounting for the efficacy or safety with non approved substances. It also means that a company has free reign over its research and testing, dosage implementation and more.


All Nu Image services and supplements are approved by the FDA, so you are guaranteed that the medical company adheres to strict regulations and production procedures. It’s an essential factor when looking to consume a new prescription or product, especially long term.


What Does It Offer?

Nu Image Medical provides an array of options to help with aging including hormonal and sexual health, along with hair loss and fat loss.

Weight Loss

There are four components to the Nu Image weight loss program. Some can be combined, while others are meant to be consumed alone:


Nu Image advertises its popular weight loss medication or product as made to fight obesity, sustainably. It includes three different medications, split in two doses per day: One combined capsule of Orlistat and Acarbose in the morning and a low-dose Naltrexone pill in the evening. What do these medications do?

Orlistat works by stopping your body’s enzymes from breaking down the fat deposits in your diet. Instead, this undigested fat is encouraged to pass completely out of your system via bowel movements. It’s worth noting that Orlistat doesn’t stop the absorption of the calories you take in from non-fat foods. A calorie-restrictive diet is still important to achieve your goals. Clinical studies do point to the efficacy of this medication working for weight loss [1].

Acarbose is a product made to help fight type 2 diabetes. Similar to the prescription above, acarbose works to slow down enzymes, but here it’s those related to sugar, not fat. This masks the prevalence of sugar in the body thereby helping maintain blood sugar levels more successfully. Along with exercise and a healthy, regulated diet, acarbose is shown to provide help for individuals looking to lose weight [2].

Naltrexone was created to help people battling with opioid addiction, as it helps lower the side effects of withdrawal. Subsequently, naltrexone may help you lose weight, but the specifics of how that works are not clear [3]. Because naltrexone is commonly associated with adverse side effects, it’s dosed at a lower milligram than the other substances in the program. Effects might include abdominal pain, trouble sleeping, joint discomfort, anxiety and headaches.

Weight Loss

Ultra Burn

Another option with Nu Image includes Ultra Burn injections. They contain the following:
  • Methionine
  • Choline
  • Inositol
  • Thiamine
  • Vitamin B12
Methionine is an amino acid, or protein building block, in the body. You’ll find it in fish, red meat and dairy products, to name a few sources. It plays an important role in metabolism, which may help you as you’re losing weight. Choline acts as a critical nutrient for cell growth and repair and metabolism, as well. It’s used to treat liver disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s and more. It might also function as an appetite suppressant, according to at least one study [4]. Inositol is a carbohydrate that produces molecules that affect insulin levels and actions. This indicates it might help in maintaining blood sugar levels and increasing insulin sensitivity. Inositol could support better metabolism, helping you lose weight. Thiamine, or vitamin B1, is located in nuts, grains, cereals and beans. It helps break down carbohydrates in the body and plays a role in nerve and heart functions. Because it's essential for metabolism, thiamine might be a good support substance for shedding weight. Vitamin B12 keeps your blood cells healthy, among other roles including DNA synthesis. There’s not evidence substantial enough to prove its direct correlation with weight loss. However, it can provide a boost of energy and metabolism, both needed for the process.
Weight Loss

Diet Guidelines

The most convenient and appealing aspect of the Nu Image Medical diet program is that you have the option to participate in the meal delivery service. Meals are made custom for you and your goals.  Whether you take advantage of the premade meals or not, the diet plan guidelines include:
  • Macro targets: Consisting of carbs, protein and fiber up to 800 calories daily.
  • Loading days: The first two days of the diet, up to 2,000 calories.
  • Suggested foods: A wide variety listed by the company including protein, fruit and condiment choices, to name a few.
  • Wayt-Less Diet Ebook: You’ll have access to this cool product with a recipe guide.
Weight Loss

B12 Injections

The company also offers B12 injections to support your journey. As already mentioned, B12 might provide a welcome energy boost while you’re maintaining a strict diet. It also aids in the metabolic process. Upon ordering, you’ll receive a one month supply of injections and it’s recommended to take one per day throughout your dieting period.
Weight Loss

Hormonal Health

For middle-age individuals, you might be suffering from the changes that naturally take place during this time in your life. Nu Image offers a few hormonal treatments:



According to the company, Sermorelin can help with faster recovery post workout, lean muscle growth and fat loss to boot. Other benefits could include better sleep, bone density and skin quality.

Sermorlein is meant to mimic the effect of the GHRH, growth hormone-releasing hormone, in the body, which takes a nosedive in your 40s. This hormone affects all of the factors listed above and then some.

One study points to its efficacy in improving one’s body composition [5]. Beyond that, Sermorelin might help support pituitary health, though research is inconclusive. 

Hormonal Health

Bremelanotide PT-141

Bremelanotide was created to help fight erectile dysfunction and low libido, among other sexual health conditions. Nu Image Medical’s version comes in the form of a nose spray.

As far as we can tell, this substance works by waking up cells and encouraging the nervous system to be active in regards to sexual desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction.
Hormonal Health

Thymosin Alpha-1

Thymosin Alpha-1 is labeled as an immune-boosting product. It’s considered to help with losing weight due to the overall health benefit of having better immunity, though research findings are not conclusive at this time.
Hormonal Health

Sexual Health

Along with battling a decline in hormone production, sexual health difficulties might come about as a result during this phase.


Men: Mt. Everest

For the gents, there’s Mt. Everest. This pill contains three ingredients:

  • Tadalafil
  • Oxytocin
  • PT-141

Tadalafil is described on the official company website as being the “weekend warrior” ingredient, made to maximize performance by increasing blood flow.

Evidence indicates it's successful at helping someone gain and maintain an erection [6].

Oxytocin, or the “cuddle hormone”, is released when one individual bonds with another. It also causes, and strengthens, the process of childbirth.

Supplementing with this hormone might induce arousal and desire.

PT-141, as mentioned earlier, is made to help fight erectile dysfunction and increase one’s libido, for both men and women.
Sexual Health

Women: Scream Cream

Scream Cream is designed specifically for a lady patient and features the following:

  • Sildenafil citrate
  • L-arginine
  • Aminophylline

Sildenafil citrate is similar to Viagra and made initially to treat men. It works by increasing blood flow to help fight erectile dysfunction and impotence. This substance might have a similar effect on women.

L-arginine functions as an amino acid and is a common ingredient found in health supplements. It’s used to treat high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction, among other issues.

L-arginine might increase blood flow, helping a woman feel more stimulated or aroused during sexual encounters.

Aminophylline was originally created to help those suffering from asthma. It works by helping the muscles around the lungs and throat relax so they can function at a better capacity.

It might help a woman experience better blood flow in the clitoris/genital tissues leading to a higher rate of sexual satisfaction.

Sexual Health

Hair Loss Treatment

The Nu Image answer to hair loss is one cream that contains three medications.


All that NuDew includes is:

  • Minoxidil
  • Ketoconazole
  • Finasteride

Minoxidil is another form of Rogaine, which is a popular hair loss treatment. It’s proven as a safe and effective substance for this issue [7]. Ketoconazole fights fungal infections such as ringworm, athlete’s foot and dandruff. It might also promote hair growth, but the scientific evidence is minimal. You’ll find anecdotal evidence leaning towards its efficacy, though. Finasteride is used to treat enlarged prostates but may also be beneficial for treating hair loss among men. It’s the main ingredient in a leading hair-loss medication called Propecia. At least one study confirms that this substance is beneficial for the latter [8].
Hair Loss


How Does Nu Image Medical Work?


Signing up as a patient for all of Nu Image Medical services takes place through the official website.


Enroll Online


Patients enroll in the specific program you’re interested in, whether that’s hormonal support or weight loss. From there, you decide whether you want to subscribe to a monthly or quarterly program.


Get a Consultation


After you enroll as a patient, a licensed physician will review your medical history and schedule a consultation to discuss all your options. The doctor will help you determine if the course of medication is appropriate and for how long you should participate in the regime.


Await Shipment


You’ll receive your order within a few weeks of your consultation. At this time, you’ll start the program and have access to the customer service staff, as well as your medical provider, should you have any questions or concerns.

Is Nu Image Medical Worth It?


It’s the question of the hour. In our review and after scientific evidence, Nu Image Medical does provide some supplements that could be successful based on clinical studies. This includes the weight loss and hair loss treatment.


However, research is limited and it’s not a small investment. To give you an idea, one month of the Wayt-Loss pills costs $299. Do keep in mind that this includes your doctor consultation and access to the website’s information, such as the patient portal.


The company does point out that regular exercise and a strict diet are necessary for all these weight-loss products to work. It’s up to the consumer to decide if they can afford a costly pill prescription on top of all that.


It’s worth noting that you will find plenty of positive customer reviews online from some people that seem satisfied with their doctor and the experience.


Are There Nu Image Medical Discounts?


Nu Image Medical does offer product discounts and a coupon for every patient if you sign-up for a quarterly program. This doesn’t apply to everything but some of the supplements.


For example, the hormonal supplement Sermorelin costs $199 for a month’s supply, or $169 with a coupon if you commit to three months.

Nu Image Medical Reviews in Conclusion

This company offers a wide range of medical supplements to support the aging individual in their health experience. 


To shed fat, it’s imperative that you participate in a regular exercise routine and low calorie diet while consuming the pills during your weight loss phase. The efficacy of each substance isn’t firm, but there is some promise based on research.


Some benefits could help you as a patient, like better metabolism and energy levels.

While a lot of supplements are not approved by the FDA, Nu Image Medical can assure you that each product and prescription is. Everything offered by the doctors or your quality expert also comes with patient confidentiality.

All customers are granted access to the website portal and customer service team, after you fill your intake form, where you share your history with the chosen doctor. They will help you, as a patient, with building a suitable program and go over all the side effects with you.


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